Memorial Day 2013

In honor of those who serve and have served in the
United States Armed Forces.

To those of you who have fallen while serving your country, you are not forgotten!

To all those who have fallen victim to illness and are no longer with us, you are not forgotten!

To all those who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces and are suffering the effects of war. I pray for you all. May God bless you!

Thank you For Serving..

God Bless you all.

(Source: nek275)

We went out on a little adventure this pass weekend. A friend of BB’s took us to his home town in New Mexico (we drove several hours to get there), and we decided to scout the area for wild boars. Before we started the day we filled up on water by using the Sawyer Mini water filter. As you can see the water was brown, and once it passed through the sawyer it was crystal clear. The taste was very refreshing, though the guys said that they felt it had a slight “Earthy” taste. I actually did not find that so. His family was so impressed that they want Sawyer filters now.

In the picture Gus is holding BB so he didn’t fall into the river. The bed actually gave out at one point and BB almost fell in. It was a good thing we thought it through and Gus was holding on to him.

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