We went shooting during the Labor day weekend to test out some new things. I upgraded the LaRue PredatOBR AR with a Raptor charging handle by Rainier Arms, an ambidextrous selector switch, and a JP enterprise silent captured buffer spring. The rifle is a dream to shoot. There is very little recoil if any. The groupings are also really tight. BB bought a B.A.D Lever but because of the design of the upper receiver it unfortunately did not fit the rifle. The last thing we will do to it is get a really nice scope. 

Another item that was used for the first time is the Haley Strategic D3 chest rig. 

"I like the way that it fits me. Being a smaller person, I wear the chest rig a little higher than what most people may want to wear. This is because having it sit lower pinches my hips and, I feel it restricts my movement. The D3 chest rig conforms very nice to me having it sit higher, and doesn’t feel bulky. The weight is distributed very evenly. Though I would recommend to get the holster wedge if you want to run a pistol instead of sticking it in one of the multi-mission pouches. Doing the later sets the weight a bit unevenly (unless of course you have something in the opposite pouch to counter the weight of the pistol). I think this was a good purchase and can’t find anything negative to say. It is well built and well thought out. You can use the multi-mission pouches to fit a small med kit. The only thing I wish they did, was to make it with elastic bands to roll any excess in the straps (right now there are rubber bands in place). This is by no way a deal breaker nor does it take anything away from the design of the chest rig. Though I can buy those elastic bands off the internet or just continue to use rubber bands, it is just a nice feature that smaller people like me would greatly appreciate. All in all I would definitely get another one as well as additional parts of the D3 expansion system. I highly recommend it as a chest rig" - Penny -

"The way this was designed (according to Travis Haley), this is meant to be a low profile system where you can escalate to address the threat level. You can easily take the chest rig and upgrade your body armour/plate carrier. There are no dedicated radio or med pouches. You can however use the multi-mission pouch as a small IFAK or get the Multi-mission hanger to use as a first aid kit if you desire. I did not like the way the INCOG holster sat in the multi mission pouches. I found that the holster wedge works much better. The chest rig is light weight, and really well stitched. I have been able to fit magazines for both AR and AK with out a problem. As far as pistols are concerned, the retention shock cord allows me to run my double stacked magazines for my FNX-45 as well as my single stack 1911 magazines. The back of the chest rig had a rather large velcro section that enables it to be attached to certain plate carriers and/or other body armour options that have velcro in the front. I use that section to attach the holster wedge and carry a pistol. The chest rig leaves you a little short of a full combat load but you can make up for that with a leg rig or battle belt. As of now there isn’t much room to customize it further than what is available in the expansion system. I am very impressed with the entire chest rig and highly recommend it." - BB -

To shorten the chest rig and get it to sit higher, you may need to switch the configuration it comes in. The shoulder straps come attached to the higher clips and the back strap comes attached to the lower clips. If you switch them and attach the shoulder straps to the lower clip and back strap to the higher one, it will help sit the chest rig higher up. This is not something that everyone will need to do or want to do. Some people may not even need the back strap for their intended purposes. This is just what we found that helps it sit where we want it to.


Memorial Day 2013

In honor of those who serve and have served in the
United States Armed Forces.

To those of you who have fallen while serving your country, you are not forgotten!

To all those who have fallen victim to illness and are no longer with us, you are not forgotten!

To all those who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces and are suffering the effects of war. I pray for you all. May God bless you!

Thank you For Serving..

God Bless you all.

(Source: nek275)

We went out on a little adventure this past weekend. A friend of BB’s took us to his home town in New Mexico (we drove several hours to get there), and we decided to scout the area for wild boars. Before we started the day we filled up on water by using the Sawyer Mini water filter. As you can see the water was brown, and once it passed through the sawyer it was crystal clear. The taste was very refreshing, though the guys said that they felt it had a slight “Earthy” taste. I actually did not find that so. His family was so impressed that they want Sawyer filters now.

In the picture Gus is holding BB so he didn’t fall into the river. The bed actually gave out at one point and BB almost fell in. It was a good thing we thought it through and Gus was holding on to him.

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